VIP is a premium feature in Lunaria Online. It give you a lots of benefits in the game such as more friends, more winged shoes, more exp etc. Edit

With a value of this recharge you gain a level

  • VIP Level 1-3 - 8$ till 49,99$Tamic
  • VIP Level 4-6 - 50$ till 499,99$Tamic
  • VIP Level 7-8 - 500$ till 1999,99$Tamic
  • VIP Level 9-10 - 2000$ till 5000$+Tamic

VIP in gold

  • VIP Level 1 Tamic of 500g
  • VIP Level 2 Tamic of 500g
  • VIP Level 3 Tamic of 1000g
  • VIP Level 4 Tamic of 1000g


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