Is this Wikia just empty because there isn't anyone to help fill it up, or is the lack of information and help intentional? 07:08, October 5, 2013 (UTC)


Because there isn't anyone to help fill it up. >_<"





Instances (including Multiplayer Instances, MI)

[bold name of instance] + brief introduction

Task (heading)

Task quoted from taskbar.

You may attempt it [#] times per day.

Location (heading)

To initiate the instance, [do what?], [where?].

[other details?]

[include images of the NPC and instance image from map]

Difficulty (heading)

[how difficult? + explanation?]

[Identify monsters + boss of instance. How different are they in terms of strength? (estimate)]

[Time limit? Completable?]

Rewards (heading)

[possibly EXP gain? (without world bonus)]

[drops and their approx drop rate?]

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