Flame SetEdit

The Flame set is the second set you will have and use. It consists of, as usual, ten pieces, all of which can be enhanced, refined, embeded with gems, and of course synthesized to the next set, Sparkle.

Flame Set Might Level Type Other
Flame Blade 108 20 Weapon PATK: 90-180*
Fire Mask 334 20 Helmet HP:360
Blackflame Shirt 102 20 Top PDEF: 90
Fiery Leather Pants 182 20 Pants MDEF: 90
Ember Slippers 186 20 Shoes Dodge: 60
Redflame Stone 370 20 Neck Rage: 30
Magma Ring 274 20 Ring Critical Damage: 40
Flare Bracelet 802 20 Wrist Accuracy: 60
Nightflame Gauntlets 61 20 Gloves Critical Strike: 60
Flame Seal 268 20 Badge Tenacity: 60
  • This information was gathered from a Swordsman and may be different for Elementalists or Hunters.

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