The Farm is used to grow crops that yield EXP and Silver. Farms start with 3 empty plots. Each plot can have 1 plant at a time. It costs 30 Gold to plow the first extra plot, increasing by 30 Gold for each additional plot. Farms can have a maximum of 8 plots. Every seed that you plant has different time that you need to wait to harvest it.

Players can plant Experience Trees, and Money Trees. Each comes in 5 varieties: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary. Experience Trees yield 222,000; 266,400; 333,000; 444,000; and 666,000 EXP respectively. Money Trees yield 225,000; 247,500; 270,000; 337,500; and 450,000 Silver respectively.

How unlock more plots:

- expanding your farm does increase the amount of gold per unlocking (so first upgrade = 100 and increase by 100). Though you can also unlock farm plots by reaching certain player level. You first get farm at level 40, you unlock an additional plot at level 50, from then on it's for every 10 levels, ending with unlocking last plot at level 90.
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Normal Ground

Explanation: Now upgrading your farm plots, you basically just need to unlock all farm plots first. From then on, you get red farm, then right after it's black farm.
The way it goes, is that you first unlock all farm plots. From there, in the right screen of the farm screen, you will see a "upgrade plot", from there you can start to upgrade your farm though in order to get the next level of farm you need to upgrade all the farm plots to the same color. For Example: To get red farm, you need all farm plots. To get Black farm, you need upgrade all farm plots to red.

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Upgraded Ground